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  1. Black Carson Shirt Black Carson Shirt
    Carson, Black
    Carson is truly one of the best looking and highest quality western shirts. This is a very authentic shirt with every attention made to detail
    95,00 EUR
  2. Ivory White Carson Shirt Ivory White Carson Shirt
    Carson, Ivory White

    This shirt is named after Kit Carson. He was the pathfinder of the West. It was said that no man knew the frontier better than Carson.


    He could ride, shoot, track, hunt and parlay with the Indians. For many, Kit Carson personifies the spirit of the Old West

    95,00 EUR
  3. Ace in the sleeve. . . Ace in the sleeve. . .
  4. Jericho Shirt Jericho Shirt

    I'm a roaming cowboy riding all day long,

    Tumbleweeds around me sing their lonely song.

    Nights underneath the prairie moon,

    I ride along and sing this tune.


    See them tumbling down

    Pledging their love to the ground

    Lonely but free I'll be found

    Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

    95,00 EUR
  5. Brown Jett Rink Shirt Brown Jett Rink Shirt
    Jett Rink Shirt

    My well came in big, so big,

    Bick and there's more down there and there's bigger wells.

    I'm rich, Bick. I'm a rich 'un. I'm a rich boy.

    Me, I'm gonna have more money than you ever thought you could have

    - you and all the rest of you stinkin' sons of... Benedicts!

    95,00 EUR
  6. Justice Shirt Justice Shirt
    A true legend of the Old West, Judge Roy Bean was the Law West of the Pecos His motto was " Hang `em first and try `em later".
    95,00 EUR
  7. Black Melody Ranch Shirt Black Melody Ranch Shirt
    Melody Ranch, Black
    Welcome to Gene Autry´s Melody Ranch
    95,00 EUR
  8. Old Glory Shirt Old Glory Shirt
    Old Glory Shirt
    95,00 EUR
  9. Patriot Shirt Patriot Shirt
    Patriot Shirt
    80,00 EUR
  10. The Entertainer Shirt The Entertainer Shirt
    The Entertainer
    95,00 EUR
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