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  1. Pink 30's Bombshell Dress
    Stop Staring 30´s Pink Bombshell Dress
    195,00 €
    Temptress Tip: When applying lipstick on the go, take time to tease. Grap a spoon or small mirror, and slowly unscrew the stick while licking your lips slightly. Languorously smear the war paint over your top and bottom lips before pressing them together for the perfect pout. Lisätietoja
  2. Eliza Dress
    Stop Staring Eliza Dress
    195,00 €
    Temptress Tip: When picking out the perfect outfit, note that a little cleavage goes a long way. Wearing a blouse or dress with plunging neckline isn´t trashy, it shows you´re using your head! Show just enough to of your assets to keep heads turning, but never too much to break to break a man´s neck. Remember, you´ve got to give a little to get a little. Lisätietoja
  3. Eggplant Stop Staring Love Dress
    Stop Staring Love Dress, Eggplant
    195,00 €
    Temptress Tip: When walking in four-inch heels, make sure to swing your hips slowly. Do it too fast and you look like an electric toy, but do it slow and you´re beckoning to him with your sway. Believe me, he´ll answer the call! Lisätietoja
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