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  1. Black Pistolero Shirt with silver embroidery Black Pistolero Shirt with silver embroidery
  2. Black Ponderosa Shirt Black Ponderosa Shirt
    Ponderosa, Black

    We chased lady luck,`til we finally struck Bonanza.

    With a gun and a rope and a hat full of hope,

    planted a family tree.


    We got hold of a pot of gold, Bonanza.

    With a horse and a saddle, and a range full of cattle,

    how rich can a fellow be?

    95,00 EUR
  3. White Ponderosa Shirt White Ponderosa Shirt
    Ponderosa, White
    Putos gringos. Latinos estamos aqui!
    95,00 EUR
  4. Porter Shirt Porter Shirt
    Porter Shirt

    Orrin Porter Rockwell, nicknamed Old Port and labeled the Destroying Angel of Mormondom, was as famous and controversial as Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Wyatt Earp or Pat Garrett.


    He was reputed to have killed many men as gunfighter and Deputy United States Marshall.He once told that he never killed anyone who didn´t need killing.

    80,00 EUR
  5. Rawhide Shirt Rawhide Shirt

    Keep movin', movin', movin'

    Though they're disapprovin'

    Keep them dogies movin'


    Don't try to understand 'em

    Just rope, throw, and brand 'em

    Soon we'll be living high and wide.

    My hearts calculatin'

    My true love will be waitin',

    Be waitin' at the end of my ride.

    Rawhide! Rawhide!

    95,00 EUR
  6. Reckless Shirt Reckless Shirt
    Reckless Shirt

    Mexican Joe was wild and reckless

    He walked into a honky-tonk in Texas

    Looking for some real romance and pettin'

    On a barroom stool alone this doll was settin'


    He walked up to the bar and said, "I think I'll have a drink

    Three fingers of tequilla; will clear my head, I think.

    " Well, she looked around and caught his eye

    And Joe said, "I ... yi, yi, yi, yi."

    When Mexican Joe met Jole Blon.

    95,00 EUR
  7. Round Up Shirt Round Up Shirt
    Round Up Shirt

    Woody's Roundup right here every day

    Woody's Roundup come on, it's time to play

    There's Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl

    (yo-de-la, you-de-la, yo-de-la)


    Bullseye, he's Woody's horse (grrr...he's a smart one)

    Pete the old prospector and Woody the man himself of course

    It's time for Woody's Roundup, he's the very best

    He's the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the wild wild west

    95,00 EUR
  8. Skull Shirt Skull Shirt
    Skull Shirt
    95,00 EUR
  9. Stars and Laces Shirt Stars and Laces Shirt
  10. Texas All In Shirt Texas All In Shirt
    Texas All In Shirt
    95,00 EUR
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