Stop Staring Eliza Dress

195,00 €
Temptress Tip: When picking out the perfect outfit, note that a little cleavage goes a long way. Wearing a blouse or dress with plunging neckline isn´t trashy, it shows you´re using your head! Show just enough to of your assets to keep heads turning, but never too much to break to break a man´s neck. Remember, you´ve got to give a little to get a little.

Kokotaulukko (cm)

S rinta 86  vyötärö 66 lantio 94 

M rinta 91  vyötärö 71  lantio 99 

L rinta 97  vyötärö 76  lantio 104 

XL rinta 102  vyötärö 81  lantio 109 

1XL (=XXL) rinta 107  vyötärö 86  lantio 114 

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