1. Black BDU Pants Black BDU Pants
    BDU Pants, Black (SWAT)
    Since the beginning of World War I Battle Dress Uniforms have been isssued as utility, field, training or combat uniforms. They are not intended to be worn as all-purpose uniforms when other uniforms are more appropriate. BDUs may only be worn on duty when prescribed by the commanders. BDUs are not authorized for wear in establishments that primarily sell alcohol.
    40,00 EUR
  2. Sage BDU Pants Sage BDU Pants
    BDU Pants, Sage
    Brighness difference with the background is the initial detection cue to the human eye. Light green single color BDU´s blend well in short, green grass.
    40,00 EUR
  3. Khaki BDU Pants Khaki BDU Pants
    BDU Pants, Khaki
    40,00 EUR
  4. Woodland Camo BDU Pants Woodland Camo BDU Pants
    BDU Pants, Woodland Camo
    In February 1967, a new camouflage uniform, based on the pattern devised in 1948 by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory, was issued to special units of the U.S. Army in Vietnam. The U.S. Woodland Camouflage pattern is the most widely-recognised camouflage pattern in world.
    40,00 EUR
  5. City Camo Camouflage Pattern City Camo Camouflage Pattern
    BDU Pants, City Camo
    The US Military does not currrently have an official urban camouflage uniform
    40,00 EUR
  6. Desert Camo Desert Camo
    BDU Pants, Desert Camo
    Although the chocolate chip camouflage became well-known during the Gulf War, it was originally designed in 1962. The Army, believing that it might become necessary to intervene in the Arab-Israeli conflicts, developed a test pattern using the deserts of southwestern United States as a model.
    40,00 EUR
  7. Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo
    BDU Pants, Vietnam Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe camouflage pattern was developed for U.S. Special Forces during Vietnam era. It is for ultra-close range, 50 yards or less, fighting in heavily foliated jungle.
    40,00 EUR
  8. BDU takki BDU takki
    BDU takki
    40,00 EUR
  9. Black Commando Sweater Black Commando Sweater
    Commando Sweater, Black
    Reinforced shoulder & elbow patches
    40,00 EUR
  10. Sage green Commando Sweater Sage green Commando Sweater
    Commando Sweater, Sage Green
    Reinforced shoulder & elbow patches
    40,00 EUR
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