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You can also order by email,
telephone +358-9-694 8898, Just do it.


When your order is ready to go, we´ll contact you and ask how you like to pay.

You can pay to our bank account, use any major credit card  ( Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners) or PayPal.

-If you choose money transfer, we´ll email you our banking details.

-If you pay by credit or bank card, we´ll send you Nets Card Payment Link.

-If by Paypal, we´ll  send you our account name

Note that we ask payment or charge your card only when the merchandise is ready to ship.


We normally ship by mail. We don´t rip off our customers. We want you to return, so the postal rates are reasonable. Small parcels EUR 8,

large parcels EUR 13. We ship to EU and UK with these flat rates. Rest of the world Small EUR 25, Large EUR 35. If you want to use UPS, Fedex or any carrier of your choice, no problem.

If you are interested in our Garageland line or want something custom made,
please drop us a line. We´ll send you quotation ASAP.


Tel. +358-9-694 8898


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