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  1. Chick Pick-Up Machine Work Shirt
    Chick Pick-Up Machine

    Fast cars and fast girls go hand in hand.

    Especially when the price at the finish line is not

    a trophy or cash, but a young girl´s body just

    aching with desire.

    The stakes are high, the competition is fierce,

    and with only one girl. . . there can only be one winner.

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  2. Hearse Kustom Shop embroidery on the back
    Hearse Kustom Shop
    On January 30, 1947 Al Capone´s boxed casket was placed in the Philbrick's "Cathederal sided" Cadillac hearse. It was named as such for the arch like Cathederal faux side windows made of solid wood. Learn More
  3. Large racing embroidery on the back
    Here Today, Hell Tomorrow Work Shirt

    Now I looked in my mirror and I saw somethin' comin',

    I thought it was a plane by the way it was a-runnin'.

    It was a-hummin' along at a terrible pace,

    and I knew right then it was the end of the race.

    When it flew by us, I turned the other way,

    the guy in the Mercury had nothin' to say,

    for it was a kid, in a hopped up Model-A.

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  4. V-8 embroidery on the back
    In Speed We Trust
    Speed! It had a good smell and a pretty sound. You taste it . . . hear it sing while you watched things streak by and felt the heart-tripping chill of it sometimes on close shaves to you bones. Then the deep breath and you were with-it. Really living it up. The life was swift and worth the risk. Learn More
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