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  1. Bettie Page Leopard Bucket Bag
    Bettie Page Leopard Bucket Bag

    Bettie and Cheetah by Olivia.

    In 1954 Bettie did a photo session with Bunny Yeager at the Africa USA wildlife park in Boca Raton, Florida. She wore a leopard-patterned "jungle girl" outfit of her own making and posed barefoot in trees, with various animals, and as the captive of a cannibal native. She also posed nude with a pair of cheetahs. The photos from this session are some of her most celebrated.

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  2. Bettie Page Black Bucket Bag
    Bettie Page Black Bucket Bag
    Is it Bettie or Betty? While it reportedly says "Betty Mae Page" on her birth certificate, "Bettie" is the form that she has always used since she was a child (such as for signatures), so Bettie is therefore the preferred spelling. However, whether due to oversight or for the sake of simplification, in her 1950's photos and films she was often billed as "Betty Page." So for Bettie or worse, today the two spellings are used more or less interchangeably. Learn More
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